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Grainy Grunge: Adding 90’s Grain in Lightroom

Grainy Grunge: Adding 90’s Grain in Lightroom

Looking to move your Instagram feed from basic 2010’s to vintage vibes? Tired looking like a total try hard in your pics? Step up your social media game by adding some grain to your images with Adobe Lightroom in 5 basic steps.

1. Jumpstart Lightroom and Import Your Image

To start editing your pictures with Adobe Lightroom, you’ll need to download and launch the application. Don’t have Lightroom on your laptop? Check out our post on the basics of the Adobe Creative Cloud to make your Adobe account and access applications like Lightroom!

Have Lightroom ready to go? Let’s import your image. First, launch the application. Lightroom should automatically open to you the Library page. Once the Library page is loaded, locate the Import button at the bottom of the left hand menu. Then, use the file locator to upload your image to Lightroom.

2. Do Basic Edits to the Photo

Once the image is uploaded, you’re ready to start editing! Before adding any grain the picture, it’s a good idea to first make any essential edits to the photo’s exposure, saturation, contrast, and temperature.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Have no fear, simply skim our guide to photo editing basics right here.

Start your editing journey by moving from the Library to the Develop tab. In the left hand menu, utilizing the adjustment menu and scales to edit the image to your liking. Most of the adjustment scales you will need can be found under the Basic section in the adjustment menu.

3. Get Your Grain On

Finally, the moment of truth! To add some 90’s grain to your perfectly edited image, scroll down the adjustment menu on the left hand side to the Effects section. Under the grain effect, adjust how much grain you’d like using the amount scale.

To make your photo even more vintage and blurry, make the grain more obvious by increasing the size scale. Want to go the extra mile? Make your picture look lie your dad took it on a Kodak camera in 1993 by increasing the roughness of your grain.

4. Export Your Masterpiece

Save your hard work by going to File on the on your laptop’s tool bar and scroll down to Export. Under export, you’ll have the chance to decide where you want your image to be saved to and the name of the file.

5. Post Your Pic and Feel Like a True 90’s Kid

Share it with your friends, mom, siblings, partner’s parents! You worked hard to make your pic look 20 years older than it actually is.

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