Strategic, effective, and percsise, I take pride in my ability to communicate ideas in conceivable ways.

Corporate Communication

As the 2017 Jack in the Box Undergraduate Internal Brand Communications intern, I explored how one of America’s top fast food corporations gets the job done. During my time, I developed a warm yet professional writing voice which represents a combination of the brand’s marketing, mission, and Jack’s humorous personality.

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College is a genuinely inexplainable experience, but as an Editorial Intern for Her Campus, I do just that. From the latest of trends to news for the everyday millennial, I’ve connect with women all around the world and serve as a voice for them through relevant and relatable Her Campus articles. “Why ‘Nice Guys’ are the Actual Worst” embodies both my relatable voice and passion for social commentary. Consisting of both interviews and analysis of male entitlement over women, this article is a strong example of using words as a catalyst for change.

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