Graphic Design

I follow Marie Kondo's mantra when I design by insuring my visuals spark joy. If not, I toss the draft and try again.

Logo Design

Modern, minimalistic and balanced, the goal of my letter logo design is to convey the key principles of my design style. These principles are reflected in my articulate design choices in both typography and shape/color elements.

Ultimately, I equate my letter logo design process to driving with a GPS. Although there was one correct destination and design I had in mind, it took trying multiple different methods and routes to find which one worked the best. In the end, I’m happy with the design of my letter logo as I feel it represents my appreciation for modern designs with elegant, organic details.

Document Design: Juno

Juno Telling the hilariously heartwarming story of a teen mom’s road to putting her baby up for adoption, this document targets young adults as Juno is a new take on the coming of age experience. As a movie poster, the purpose of this document is to promote buying tickets and watch Juno in theaters. In terms of distribution, this document would be presented in large print (ex. movie theater poster displays) as well as digitally (ex. online ads). To clean up the poster’s design, I applied Occam’s razor to the document as viewers do not spend hours dissecting a movie poster’s every detail. Although I simplified many aspects of the document, I made sure to incorporate certain motifs such as the film’s color scheme and use of stripes inspired by the main character’s signature t-shirt.

Document Design: Healthchella

Healthchella As a Resident Assistant, one of my main responsibilities is to assist residents through the emotional transition to college. With my passion for psychology and eye for design, I developed Healthchella, an interactive program aimed to destigmatize mental health featuring a discussion on how today’s music is beginning to open up the conversation. The following promotional flyer represents my ability to produce dynamic designs that are equally visually pleasing as they are engaging and informative. By branding the event similar to popular music festival Coachella, I grabbed attendee’s attention and created the opportunity for them to learn more about mental health in an unexpected and relatable way. Ultimately, this event garnered over 150 attendants and in turn, continued the campus conversation surrounding mental health.